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Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH

Daiichi Sankyo Europe wins the “Columbus Award for Compliance Enhancing Packaging Design”

This recognition – awarded by HCPC Europe (Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council) – acknowledges creative solutions that help patients to adhere to their medical therapies.

Daiichi Sankyo demonstrates the most innovative packaging feature which is the top opening of the pill box. Patient interviews have shown that this easy access – in contrast to a side opening – supports especially patients with movement restrictions as well as the elderly.

Prescribed medication can only have the desired effect if patients take it, and take it regularly. However adherence to medication is a big challenge for many patients. Sometimes they forget to pick up a new prescription or are unsure whether they have already taken their pills on a specific day.

Did I take my medication today?

This question is answered by looking at the Instant Weekday Visibility on the blister. Information at the bottom of the packaging remind to schedule a new appointment for picking up prescriptions well in advance before patients run out of pills.

The newly integrated QR code will make patients benefit from always having access to the latest product information online in case they need to look something up.

This video explains how we try to support patients in adhering to their treatment regimen – from reminders on packaging to easy-to-open medication boxes: